Live from Chopper City


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Send me the link for this mixtape please

DeeOctober 11, 2017

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I need dat live from chopper city mixtape wit dat oh no

A.kJune 28, 2016

Yo hek I need this mixtape been looking for it for a couple years pls send it to me if you get a chance

MenlobuffMarch 8, 2016

Bet Imma get that to ya woe

hektikJanuary 23, 2016

Yo Hek I need this live from chopper city tape bro I swear. Can you send it to I’d appreciate that a lot!!

Lante LucasJanuary 23, 2016

Hay cuz I am so proud of you. Your music is HOT boy , and I cant wait till we make a song together, cause im gonna be up there on the red capert right with you.:) I am so proud of you and I know abuelita is proud aswell, keep it up primo. te amo<3Love your cuz,Gonvie

TurraJuly 21, 2014

Mannn I need this mixtape like 4real.. please help a nigga out

dreJuly 1, 2014

Word Up! You already Know my G!

hektikSeptember 25, 2013

Say hek! Thanks homie I got dat link u send me for,live from chopper city hosted by dj hektik.real niggas do real things free B.G. thanks again homie.

504-chinoSeptember 25, 2013

Thanks homie!! I been trying 2 get dis mixtape 4 a while I had it n lost it,n I been on a mission since then.but can’t get it nowhere, I even holla at maal da pimp but he said he ain’t have it .so u my last resort thanks again big homie.I fucks witchu hek.

chino lagosSeptember 11, 2013

Dont trip imma get that mixtape to you this week G!

hektikSeptember 10, 2013

Here is my e-mail.let me know some when u get a chance

chino lagosSeptember 8, 2013

I hope u was talking 2 me hek!! Say dawg please I need dis mixtape 4real piff wont let me download some must be wrong wit dey shit.

chino lagosSeptember 8, 2013

tupring at gmail

TupringSeptember 5, 2013

what e-mail you want me to send it to

hektikAugust 13, 2013

Say hek homie! I need dis so bad cuz my shit got stolen n puff won’t let me download da whole thing.please homie hook me up.

Chino LagosAugust 11, 2013


juddy robinsonJune 3, 2012

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